I am Cherie. I am 21 years young. I am goth and always will be. Deal with it.
This blog consists of music I enjoy, self portraits , rants (full of strong opinions...respect mine as I respect yours), and more. I also have anxiety and depression...and currently having weight loss issues. You'll probably see a lot of it here, so tolerate it.
I have a "no internet relationships" policy. Please do not send "flirty" (meaning downright, borderline creepy) messages. If you do not follow this policy, you will be blocked (or reported if I see fit).
Thank you all for following my tumblr. I hope I'm not terribly boring, guys...
~° You laugh because I'm different...I laugh because you're all the same. °~
  • Yeah so I have to go sleepy now. Yoga pants and my XL Marilyn Manson shirt. Yerp. Goodnight.

    Thank you to everyone who sent nice messages and replies.

    And this GIF goes out to the haters…hah. Not to the greatest followers ever had by anyone…ever.

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