I am Cherie. I am 21 years young. I am goth and always will be. Deal with it.
This blog consists of music I enjoy, self portraits , rants (full of strong opinions...respect mine as I respect yours), and more. I also have anxiety and depression...and currently having weight loss issues. You'll probably see a lot of it here, so tolerate it.
I have a "no internet relationships" policy. Please do not send "flirty" (meaning downright, borderline creepy) messages. If you do not follow this policy, you will be blocked (or reported if I see fit).
Thank you all for following my tumblr. I hope I'm not terribly boring, guys...
~° You laugh because I'm different...I laugh because you're all the same. °~
  • We start the dress/clothing sale with this dress: Size-Medium | Hand wash, cold water | drip dry (not machine dried) - I paid $20 for this, but I’m only asking for $10. —message me if you’d like this dress—

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