I am Cherie. I am 21 years young. I am goth and always will be. Deal with it.
This blog consists of music I enjoy, self portraits , rants (full of strong opinions...respect mine as I respect yours), and more. I also have anxiety and depression...and currently having weight loss issues. You'll probably see a lot of it here, so tolerate it.
I have a "no internet relationships" policy. Please do not send "flirty" (meaning downright, borderline creepy) messages. If you do not follow this policy, you will be blocked (or reported if I see fit).
Thank you all for following my tumblr. I hope I'm not terribly boring, guys...
~° You laugh because I'm different...I laugh because you're all the same. °~
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    after reblogging this i opened up a card my great aunt gave me it has money in it

    It could be a complete coincidence but I reblogged this yesterday and toda I fouund $40 at the fruit maket

    Eh,why not

    I need a job…

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  • I get unfollowed for spilling my emotions out again.

    I’m sorry that you don’t have a fucking soul.

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  • No, you are not the only person who feels completely alone.

    No, you are not the only person who doesn’t think anyone will ever love you.

    No, you are not the only person who cries yourself to sleep.

    No, you are not the only person who’s hurting.

    As much as you may think that (and as much as I do), NONE of that is true. You are not the only one who feels that way…so you’re NOT alone. So don’t whine all over the internet about how lonely you are all the time, it makes you look like you’re only seeking attention. If you want to REALLY start to feel better, find all those lonely souls who are looking for you and TALK to them. No texting, instant messaging…TALKING. Like on the phone…or on Skype…or if possible, IN PERSON. Unless you’re Nobel Prize winning person for the most emotionally written book on earth…THAT DOES NOT HELP ANYTHING. A screen is not a person. Sure, it is a way to “keep in touch” or “make plans,” but it does not convey emotion quite like your voice and your eyes CAN.

    As a person who feels this way constantly, I can assure you that typing words on a screen does absolutely nothing. And you have absolutely no idea how badly I want to have a physical presence that I can hold, talk to, and feel like myself with. As a matter of fact, not even talk…I need someone who can look into my eyes and not need to hear a word to understand how I feel. Personally, I really suck at the whole talking thing, which is part of my problem…and it’s seriously screwed up a lot of things that could potentially have been great for me. I’m almost 22…I’ve never had anyone to call “mine” - and the worst part is…I only had one REAL chance for that and I blew it. If you’re still in your teens, you still have a chance to not become…well, me. And even I’m still pretty young…even though I know I screwed EVERYTHING up already in my short life. As a teen, even though depression had me in it’s grasp, I had more confidence in myself…but now that I have completely isolated myself for the past 3 years now…I’ve lost almost ALL of my friends (except for one), I’ve gained a lot of weight, I have no job, I’m not in school, and the only person I’ve ever really cared about (even though this person pretty much ruined my self esteem, played with my emotions, and all that great stuff) has been avoiding me since my senior prom back in 2011…even though for the first half was staring at me a lot.

    But that doesn’t matter. I got off track. I didn’t mean to get into that stuff…but back to the topic at hand. If you are given the opportunity to meet someone who you KNOW will love you and care about you and understand you…JUST GO. Take a chance…don’t wimp out like I did.

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  • I just got really bored and this happened.

    Don’t hate me.

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    Once you get a taste of sleeping next to someone, sleeping alone in your own bed really sucks.

    I had a time where I got so lonely in my own bed that I had to sleep on the couch for two weeks…

    I’ve never done it but I have a body pillow and that just sounds really sad…

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    13 Haunted Cemeteries to visit. I’ve been to 9 on this list and they are all incredible. What’s your favorite haunted place to visit?

    Only been to Gettysburg. Would love to visit these. NEW BUCKET LIST ITEM

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    Girls, when you’re feeling sad, just remember:

    • a vagina can go back to it’s original size after taking something 20x its size
    • a penis will end up looking like an empty potato sack that’s been run over quite a lot if it does

    You can do this girl.

    Be as resilient as your vagina.


    Shine bright like a ‘gina


    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read.

    Tumblr can be so interesting sometimes…

    Except for one time a month when it makes you a homicidal maniac.

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    White people already have true #diversity. 

    Lmao this is hilarious cus blue and green eyes are highly recessive genes while brown eyes are dominant so like ur genetic diversity off of a phenotype that was probably spawned from inbreeding doesn’t seem like a great idea but I doubt white supremacists are bothered by that seeing how it’s probably how they themselves born lol.

    some white people have been REACHING lately.

    Lol I’m cackling

    Lmao like what

    White people never cease to amaze me.

    This is funny cuz…..

    This is my pops

    His eyes switch between Green, gray and Blue

    and this is my niece

    Her eyes are green

    They are both 100% Black

    LMFAO “true” diversity


    The black people pictured all have different eye shapes

    They are all different shades of brown

    But to white people we all look alike and brown eyes are boring etc.

    They see what they want.

    To me, “diversity” is not the color of your skin or your eyes…it’s the different personality traits that EACH INDIVIDUAL person has. It’s one in their own and no one has the SAME personality.

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  • I think we can arrange that.

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  • Guys…

    I morphed Colin O’Donoghue and Synyster Gates…

    I need to find this man and MARRY HIM.

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    Could not find one on Facebook, so I made a page for my fellow American fans. Go give it a like! Reblog all American fans!

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    Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


    Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

    (Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

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    New top 4 to Cosplay.


    Lust (FMA)
    Lily Munster

    Which one?

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